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We deliver the best cattle breeds from 15 European countries directly to your farm.

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From the first contact to the handover, Agroplanet endeavors to ensure a smooth procedure.



At Agroplanet, we always strive for a smooth process when selling and exporting cattle. From your initial contact with Agroplanet to the delivery of the breeding cattle at their destination, we want to make the buying process as clear and transparent as possible for our customers and partners.

A special challenge in cattle export is to work out the ideal transport concept for the respective project. Well-organized logistics are a prerequisite for the smooth running of any animal-friendly transport. We offer a wide variety of transport options and individually select the most animal-friendly and gentle transport variant. The choice of the right transport method depends on the destination, the number of animals and the customer’s wishes. Transport that is as gentle on animals as possible and in compliance with all legal requirements is our standard. We work under the strictest conditions and always in compliance with EU guidelines.

We are always in close contact and exchange with our customers and partners. In this way, Agroplanet ensures that everything runs safely and smoothly right from the start.

In doing so, we are always in close contact and exchange with our customers and partners. In this way, Agroplanet ensures the safe and smooth process from the very beginning.

Step 1


First of all, interested customers get in touch with Agroplanet. This is where you tell us what you are looking for. We would be happy to advise you on our cattle breeds and their characteristics.

Step 2


Once you have decided on the breed (s) and number of cattle, we will make you a transparent and fair offer that takes all your wishes into account.

Step 3


As soon as the customers have decided, we agree on the terms. Then nothing stands in the way of the rest of the process.

Step 4

Finalization of documents

The next step is to finalize the necessary documents for sale and export. These include customs documents, transportation documents and other contractual documents.

Step 4

Your arrival

The next step is to see our cattle for yourself. If you visit us for the assessment, we will take care of everything. Our staff picks up customers directly at the airport and takes them to the farms, where you can see the animals. Of course, we also provide overnight accommodation.

Step 6

Selection of breeding cattle

On site, customers can examine the cattle themselves and choose the animals themselves. Convince yourself of our wide range as well as the high quality of our breeding cattle and choose the suitable animals.

Step 7


The next step is to transport the cattle selected by you to your farm. We endeavor to ensure that transport to the destination is as animal-friendly as possible. In compliance with all requirements and EU directives, our experienced specialist staff will bring the cattle to your farm. Depending on the destination, we have modern animal transport trucks as well as special ships and aircraft at our disposal.

Step 8


Once the animals arrive at the destination, you can check their condition. The cattle are handed over and the necessary documents are signed.




How many cattle do I have to buy at least?

We export cattle from a number of 30 pieces to your farm.

From which European countries do your cattle breeds originate?

Our breeding farms are located in the EU countries Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Ireland and Spain.

What is the procedure if I want to buy cattle from Europe?

In order to purchase cattle from Agroplanet, you must first contact us. We will provide you with comprehensive information about our offer and will be happy to advise you. Once you have decided on the breed (s) and number of cattle, we will make you a transparent and fair offer that takes your wishes into account. Once we have agreed on the conditions, we will take care of the necessary documents for the sale and export. You can then visit us in Austria and examine and select the animals yourself. The breeding cattle selected by you will then be transported directly to your farm. Animal welfare is our top priority, therefore we take care of a safe and animal-friendly transport. The transport is carried out under strict conditions and complies with EU directives at all times. As soon as the animals arrive at their destination, you convince yourself of their condition. If everything is to your satisfaction, the handover is complete.

We will be happy to answer any further questions and inform you about our offer. Contact us at any time. We look forward to your request!