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Angus Cattle

The Angus cattle records a high meat yield and is suitable for meat production.
From Scotland

Angus Cattle

Alternative Name /
Origin Scotland
Appearance Black or red coat
Height at withers 140 cm
Weight Up to 650 kg
Life span Long-lived

About the Angus Cattle

Angus cattle are very popular, especially in the USA, and are widespread throughout the world. This breed of cattle is naturally muscular and genetically hornless. It has good rearing performance and good daily weight gain. Angus cattle offer a good slaughter yield with fine-grained and well-marbled meat. This breed of cattle is popular not only because of its abundant and high quality yield. These animals have a gentle character, are robust, comparatively undemanding and highly adaptable.


Beef output

Beef output
Marbling Strongly marbled
Aroma Aromatic
Fiber structure Short-fibered